Friday, June 11, 2010

♥ favorite outfit friday.

i just love diane kruger's style. particularly because she is her
very own stylist, often choosing her own looks and doing her
own makeup for big events.

this shot was taken by garance dore at a chanel party in st. tropez
last month. i just love the entire look, from the ribbon at the
end of her braid to the fluffy white skirt. she just looks so carefree
and fabulous, and she completed the ensemble with a straw basket!
(see more.)

i have always loved this look from kristina at dreamecho.
she is never afraid to strike interesting poses and put colors and patterns
together that i would never think about, and is always thinking outside the box.
for instance, the skirt she is wearing in this photo is actually a tub top!
love the suspenders, the belt and the can do attitude in this shot!

i have always believed that fashion should be fun and playful
and never take itself too seriously and these pictures prove it.

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