Monday, June 14, 2010

♥ i've got a crush on you.

if i could have it my way,
my dream would be to start a band with nick,
i would be the always fiercly dressed songstress
and he would be the drummer (he already is one!)
and we would tour all over the world,
with our faces plastered on tshirts and posters and
everyone would know us as this fabulous, musical twosome,
whose song lyrics stayed in your mind for days,
and whose beats inspired new artist couples to follow their dreams,
and whose album made it to the top of the charts every time.
we would play sold out shows, and everyone would want to know
what we were doing and wearing next....

and while i must say that nick is a very talented drummer (see pic. above)
i have to admit (sadly) that my voice leaves something to be desired...

with that said, i will have to live my life vicariously through the
husband and wife power couple, jason hammel and kori gardner
who make up the ridiculously talented, ridiculously good looking band,

i am not sure about you, my readers, but to be honest,
there has not been any new music out this year that has really wowed me,
which is why i am super excited for the june 15th release date for
the new mates of state cover album,

it's comforting to know i will already love all the songs.

some of the covers include, belle & sebastian's "sleep the clock around,"
fleetwood mac's "second hand news" and girls' "laura"

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