Wednesday, June 23, 2010

♥ girl meets boy.

i have to say that i spend most of my days wearing dresses.
rain or shine, i find that i feel most like myself in a dress,
that they are the easiest outfit to put together
and they look best on a curvy figure.

and though i rarely ever wear pants,
i have learned when it comes to fashion that you
can never say never, and you should always leave your options
open to whatever suits your fancy.

for instance, you may fancy a suit.

outfit no. 1
dvf dress (circa 2007), a glimpse of glamour necklace, forever 21 cocktail ring

outfit no. 2
victoria's secret lime green tank top, express high waisted pants,
vintage sailboat tie (borrowed from my sis!),
michael kors gold man's style watch

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