Thursday, June 17, 2010

♥ nice dress. take it off.

nick and i rarely argue about what i wear, but something he has always been annoyingly traditional about is that i wear some form of red sox paraphernalia when we go to a game.

to be honest, up until 2007, i had never been to fenway park to see a real game. i did not own my any red sox gear and i was totally ok with it. when i first got into watching the world series, i borrowed one of my sister's shirts and felt totally out of my element. i hardly ever wear jeans and t–shirts and when i do i feel completely average, to the point of invisibility. i just cannot wrap my mind around the idea of purposely putting on something just so i can blend in with the crowd. it's against my religion!

as you can see, in the picture above from last year's losing game, i was sad not only because we lost big time but also because with my short hair, red sox shirt and nick's hat i felt more like a little boy than a grown woman!

when my dad called me last night to offer nick and i amazing tickets for the game tonight, i thought to myself that for once i was going to wear what made me feel most comfortable: which as you may have guessed, meant a dress. a red dress, no less! this did not go over well with
the boy...

so, i compromised and wore the hat for part of the game.
marriage, i hear, is all about compromise, so i may as well start now!

we got to watch the game from a private, luxury box in this part of fenway that we never knew existed...

check out our fabulous view! we are so very lucky.

and thankfully for everyone, it was a win win situation!

7 ♥ love notes.:

  1. You are so friggin cute! I love the compromise and I love that you didn't dress like "that girl" who turns into a huge sports fan cause they go to the game. You know my thoughts. You stayed kosher.

  2. You are the cutest Red Sox fan ever...

  3. lucky girl and lucky Nick! What a great date...

  4. thank you lady loves! i am glad i got to be myself and still have fun!
    :) :)

  5. omg you are so cute! how could nick get mad?! i love the dress!

  6. Ahh Fenway. Dressing for games causes some serious stress for me. I own absolutely nothing emblazoned with the Sox logo and I always think "there'll be cute boys there! I want to look cute!" I usually just give up and throw on skinny jeans and a low-cut shirt but maybe next time I'll drive my friends crazy and wear a (casual) dress!

    I think you're perfectly dressed for a Sox game!

  7. you guys are the best! yes, apparently wearing the red sox colors doesn't count in the boy world. it has to have the logo on it! but to me, the logo is a lie if i don't really watch sports hahaha.


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