Monday, June 28, 2010

♥ a glimpse of glamour giveaway!!

if you are an avid reader of this blog (thank you, by the way!)
you may have noticed something curious going on on the right hand side
of the page, so i thought i would take the time to explain.

first of all, i started a glimpse of glamour tumblr, which is actually quite
addictive because it is very visual and does not require a lot of explanation.
i come across so many beautiful things in my internet travels that it feels
nice to be able to round everything up into one pretty little space.
please take a look if you have the time!

secondly, at long last, i have finally opened my own etsy shop!!

last december, i posted about an evening i spent with my sister
creating our very own bib necklaces out of felt, buttons and a lot of love.
i must admit at first i was very skeptical about whether or not i would actually like
and want to wear what i came up with, but i was pleasantly surprised by the
finished product! when i wore the necklace to work the next day,
my bff timothy suggested that i make more for his holiday art sale
where they were very well received!

since then, my little felt flower business has blossomed into a
marvelous collection of hand made headbands, pins, belts and necklaces.
as you may notice, each has been given a name and a flash description
(a glimpse if you will) of a situation when you might encounter
one of these unforgettable pieces in real life.

i am very excited to share my accessories with you
and to perhaps play a small part in making
this world a bit more

please check out my shop and leave a comment if
you are interested in winning an oversized pink organza flower
fresh from my shop! a winner will be chosen friday!!

good luck my lovelies :)

6 ♥ love notes.:

  1. The flower is super cool Sami - I'm in. - Swetha

  2. I'm in too! Love them--really love the necklaces--I know where I'll be Christmas shopping....

  3. That pink flower has my name all over it! So proud of you Sami - you go girl!

  4. i love you, your blog, and your etsy shop!!


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