Friday, June 25, 2010

♥ favorite outfit friday.

so, while perusing the latest issue of lucky,
i came across vintage loving blogstress, jessica schroeder
of the ridiculously cute blog, what i wore.

with the amount of time i spend at the computer staring at fashion blogs,
you would think that this is one i would have come across by now,
but instead, i was delightfully surprised and inspired by all of the
deliciously adorable looks that jessica comes up with,
and so, this friday i thought we could all make up
for lost time, and take a peak at some
new found favorites:

my favorite part about jessica's style blog is that
mostly everything she wears is thrifted/gifted/ swapped/ inexpensive
which means readers who don't have an endless shopping bank account
can actually replicate the looks on a similar budget and still feel fabulous :)

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