Tuesday, June 15, 2010

♥ how does your garden grow?

last year nick and i had high hopes for planting our very own garden,
but after attempting to read and understand this book we had on
simple gardening, neither of us could make heads or tails of
where or how to begin, and so we took the easy way out and bought from
local farmer's markets and cut herbs from our family members gardens instead.

for this reason, i have been particularly impressed by the efforts of one of
my most artistic highschool friends, maggie, who along with her friend,
graphic designer, laura f. cline has started a fabulous collaboration
in the world of growing things.

the future gardens project is a place where these self taught green thumbs
will share their trials and tribulations in the world of urban gardening,
the artwork and articles inspired by this endeavors, and their photos
which document what maggie likes to think of as
their modern day victory gardens.

one of their biggest and most exciting projects yet is the
brooklyn fireproof garden project where they will experiment with a number
of techniques for DIY rooftop container gardening, which will promote
the use of recycled, repurposed materials to grow delicious vegetables in
not so delicious environments.
(check out their flickr for more pictures!)

i am so proud to know someone who is really making an effort
to see that a tree (and an assortment of other veggies)
grow in brooklyn.

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