Thursday, June 10, 2010

♥ forever young.

ok, so i am officially old.

i ran into a highschool friend the other day, who nicely reminded me
that we had graduated 9 years old on that very day, (nuts!) and then i
went to my sister's graduation party and noticed that my little cousin
was wearing these odd shaped, colorful bracelets stacked on her wrist and
for the first time in my life had to be told, "you don't know about these?
they're so in!" i felt so out of the loop that i went home straight away
and listened to a justin bieber song so i didn't feel totally behind the times.

silly bandz are the latest craze for children of school age and beyond.
they come in a variety of shapes, colors and themes and can be worn,
shared, traded, (and even beaten up for) in order to collect them all.
they are sort of like the modern equivalent to the sticker,treasure troll,
pog, giga pet and beanie baby collecting of yesteryear.

you can find these stretchy silicone bracelets everywhere from
book stores to convenient stores and at $2.50 a pack,
i think i might just have to invest in some for a little summer pick me up,
or maybe just so i can have the satisfaction of making someone else
feel really old, when i say, "oh, you haven't heard about silly bandz?"

4 ♥ love notes.:

  1. Don't forget about yesteryears embroidery floss friendship bracelets, or snap bracelets. I haven't seen these silly bandz up close yet, but it seems like a fun fad!

  2. I saw a package at a store and was wondering what the hell they were. There was a sign above them "get the hottest silly bandz" Man we are old

  3. they do seem fun, but not as much fun as making your own candy stripe and chinese staircase bracelets!!! kids these days are so uncreative, everything is already done for them!! they should make a creepy crawler machine that stamps out silly bandz so you can make your own!

  4. My students come to school every morning...wrist to elbow with silly bandz. Unfortunately, they can be quite the safety hazard when they are shot across the room at each other. Fun, colorful, and very youthful but....not good in the classroom ; )


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