Thursday, January 28, 2010

♥ the world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.

the last + first time that i used my passport
was almost four years ago when i journeyed to costa rica
with nick, his father and their family friends.

we spent the first few days in the mountains,
nestled beneath the shadows of the cloud forest and surrounded
by luscious flaura and fauna in a swiss family robinson–style lodging,
and then we travelled to the ocean, staying in a bit more lavish accomodations
for the remainder of the trip.

although i pride myself on my elephant memory,
i have to admit that by now, the names of places and people
that i met have become a complete blur to me–
what does remain is the lasting impression of a beautiful country
where butterflies streaked by like one electric flash,
and birds of all species called out to us as they soared higher
and higher over tropical trees and boundless vegetation,
where waterfalls magically flow in an endless dance,
and where people with far less than me
seemed to be a whole lot happier.

today, i will take out my passport from and dust it off,
so that nick and i may journey once again to central america
(this time to el salvador!)
to attend a very important and promisingly beautiful wedding.

i look forward to taking lots of pictures, taking time to relax with my darling
and taking it all in, so that i can come back and share my adventures with you.

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