Friday, January 29, 2010

♥ some people are refusing to settle for anything less than butterflies.

there is no greater symbol of change, metamorphosis
& beautiful, boundless transformation
than the butterfly– which is precisely why
has chosen to carve and create
flocks and flocks of winged creatures
out of the most superfluous and overly abundant
material available: crushed and crumpled aluminum cans
found scattered along the streets of new york.

taking the tenuous and harrowing lifespan of the butterfly
as a metaphor for modern human frailty
and triumph against great odds, paul has
endowed his work with brains as well as beauty.

his sculptures capture butterflies in mid flight,
beating their wings in magnificent unison
like a delicate dance along walls, ladders, beds and doorways.
i sort of wish they could leap off their wires and into my hair,
a la marie antoinette:

to get a modern version of this look,
try these fabulous butterfly offerings from whichgoose.

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