Wednesday, January 13, 2010

♥ it is beauty that captures your attention, personality which captures your heart.

someday, i hope to see myself in a picture looking half
as cool, carefree and relaxed in my own body as anjelica huston
does in these images from her early modelling days.

long before she was the inimitable morticia addams or the grand high witch or
etheline tenenbaum, anjelica huston was muse to some of the most
noted fashion photographers. her unconventional beauty and her long, lanky
limbs made her the improbably "it girl" of the 70's, catching the eye of
directors and actors alike, (she dated jack nicholson for 16 years!)–
which proves that it always pays to be different.

of her uncommon looks, photographer david bailey once remarked,
"all the good girls, they have to have a big personality.
it's no good just being beautiful. anjelica wasn't beautiful in the normal sense,
she had her own beauty and i always liked girls who had their own beauty.
you need something else to go with the beauty."
i couldn't agree more.

ps. if you would like to mimic anjelica's
signature smokey eye, watch this video.

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  2. such a cool interview, and a cool website! thank you for sharing :)


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