Monday, January 11, 2010

♥ form follows function.

when it comes to dressing up,
sometimes it is hard to have your cake and eat it too.

whenever i go to any event, i try my best to minimize the number
of crucial items that i will need for an evening, but it always
boils down to the same essentials. namely: a lipgloss,
my credit cards, i.d, money & my keys.
which means that i am usually better off dragging my big mama bag
along because i would rather be over prepared!

the only problems that arise then are:
how to dance with a bulky purse on your wrist,
how to relax at a party with a big bag on your arm,
and how to let go of your anxiety if you set your purse or bulging clutch down in
some public space when it is full of your life's bare necessities?

cue ingenious idea.

cuffs couture are a way to carry all of your precious cargo
without having it strapped to you all night! with a variety of different looks
that could be worn at day or night, these cuffs add a bit of glamour to
any outfit, while also offering the security of knowing that
your money, keys and lipgloss are all at your fingertips.
i want all of them. now, please.

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