Wednesday, January 20, 2010

♥ if you want something done, you've got to do it yourself.

if you have never heard of bluebird vintage blog...
then it's time to start reading!

you will be delighted with vintage lover + online shop owner,
miss james' visually delicious blog, which will remind you
each day how beautiful it is to be in the world.

with her darling weekly posts lovingly called, "oh you pretty things"
that are rife with the most colorful eye candy you will ever see,
and doozies, like this pom pom neckace & scarf,
(which i could not resist trying for myself),
you will literally fall in love with her charming point of view.

i never realized how simple it was to make pretty pom poms,
and now that i have learned, i want to make them
and hang them everywhere!

here's how:
to make a necklace out of pom poms like this one,
try this:

this is how mine came out! love it!
warning: just don't wear it with black!!
i wore my pom pom necklace to a movie
with a white shirt and lint magnet black marc jacobs jacket
and believe me, by the time i got out of the movie,
it wasn't pretty!!

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