Thursday, January 7, 2010

♥ the year of the cat.

this past weekend my boyfriend and i
watched quentin tarantino's inglourious basterds(2009)
which was chock full of the typical blood, guts and fast paced action scenes,
but was also brimming with fabulous forties fashion that left me feeling
more inspired than favorite costume piece from the film, you ask?
why, it was this purrrrfect cat mask worn slightly askew on top of
actress julie dreyfus' perfectly coiffed head.

another fabulous feline mask on film is worn by the even more purrrfect
which makes the cat mask an instant classic.

this black silk lace cat mask by mascherina
would be so much fun to wear for a night out on the prowl.
and also reminds me of the maison michel lace ears
sported by the illustrious marykate and ashley olsen .

still not completely sold on throwing a mask on your head
and wearing it any other day than halloween?
here are some lovely alternatives that will have you feeling frisky:

cat mask badge & necklace by the lovely lola pop

black cast mask necklace by sabrina dehoff at refinery 29

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