Monday, January 18, 2010

♥ my paper heart.

aside from this fantastic eighties movie starring kim cattrall,
i have never really had any desire to be a mannequin –
until i saw these images from nikki salk & amy flurry's

from now through february 5th, the glamorously dressed mannequins at
the world famous mini.department store/ boutique, jeffrey
will be festooned with playful paper wigs so over the top
and fabulous that were they not in new york & atlanta,
i would have risked paper cuts and cuffs to get my hands on!

i was fortunate enough to ask one of the creators, nikki salk
(read her blog here: the fashion gatherer), about how she was able
to fashion a material as simple as paper into creations
with such dynamic movement and different shapes:

in reply, she said,
"i have been working with paper for six years now.
the movement comes from the way paper is cut. shaped. manipulated and glued.
it involves patience, a tiny bit of elbow grease,
and some magic that only i can add!"

to see more of her magical paper work,
check out nikki's website, charta aeterna (eternal paper),
where her one of a kind pieces range from $700 – $1200.

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