Friday, January 8, 2010

♥ one person's trash is another person's treasure.

just this week visual artist, christine finley began a new project
which, i have got to say, involves a lot of trash talk.

more specifically: she has committed to re.covering dirty old dumpsters
with delicate, feminine wallpapers that belong more in a
powder room or walk in closet than on a trash receptacle.

referring to this undertaking as, "polite graffiti" finley hopes to
"transform environmental activism into unexpected beauty,"
and to bring awareness to the presence of
urban waste and free art.

i just love the idea of taking something that
we see every day and take for granted,
and making it into an object of art.

a similar art project to finley's is known as
which began in june 2008 by artist adrian kondratowicz,
and has grown from community to community in new york.

swapping out your typical black oversized big black garbage bags
for a playfully candy.coated, artist made version, this visual art intervention
turns the ordinary into something extra.ordinary,
and also brings a bold and undeniable awareness to just
how much waste we produce in our society.

not only are the bags available in a number of delicious colors,
but they are also lightly scented and biodegradable,
which makes them fashion forward as well as functional.
thanks to artists like finley and adrian,
i will never look at trash the same way again.

1 ♥ love notes.:

  1. pink polka dot trash bags?! love! would that make it acceptable to let it hang around a bit too long before I take it out...being a statement piece and all. :P


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