Saturday, January 16, 2010

♥ sweet tooth.

i dread going to the dentist.
not because i am particularly afraid of drills, novacaine or root canals
(all of which i am unfortunately all too familiar with)
but because of the guilt i feel whenever my dentist tells me
that despite my incessant brushing, flossing, perscription tooth pasting,
i somehow always manage to have a cavity.

i think if my choppers could have a say in the matter,
they may look a lot and act alot like the feisty, rambunxious little teeth
ickle & Lardee from the dangerously sweet blog,

and if that were the case, i wouldn't mind
pulling one out and sleeping with it under my pillow.

4 ♥ love notes.:

  1. Hahaha! awhh, the photos made me laugh - they're so cute. I know the feeling of dreading the dentists. Great post :) now following you.

  2. hey! nice to meet you joanna! thanks for following! :) :)

  3. haha, funnyyyy :)
    how old are you btw?

  4. i am 26! is that too old to follow cute blogs about teeth? i am a young soul!


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