Thursday, April 28, 2011

♥ take a page out of my book.

boston's south end is the home of some of the finest restaurants
in town- so it should come as no surprise that even small,
hole in the wall places like delux are great.

my bff, timothy, striking a pose outside of delux.

and while i could go on a bit more about how yummy my quesadilla was,
what i want to tell you about is how cool their bathrooms are. the men's
bathroom is covered in all sorts of colorful graffiti, and the women's
bathroom is wallpapered in pages from the children's book
series, madeline!

of course, i am still kicking myself for not snapping a picture
for you while i was in there, but thankfully i came across this post,
from a girl who actually tore up an old copy of les miserables
for the very same purpose. don't you love?

...and because i could not resist,
here is a little more eye candy for my fellow booklovers..

i don't know if i could ever consciously kill a book, (even if it were for
aesthetic purposes such as this) but if i did, i would definitely choose
the illustrated pages from my favorite childhood book,

which book would you choose?

3 ♥ love notes.:

  1. Sami, You were in my hood!! Delux is on my block and it's a delish little hole in the wall.


  2. love this idea. it would be perfect for my office!

    amateur couture

  3. I've seen this done before, but not quite as well...I especially love the pic with ship. Beautiful.


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