Wednesday, April 20, 2011

♥ spring is nature's way of saying, "let's party!"

i've written about rachel pally before,
but for some reason i neglected to tell you about
how much i love this california "jersey girl's" own line.

i was lucky enough to find one of her dresses while thrift shopping
once, and i honestly count it as one of the most comfortable pieces of
clothing that i own-and one i reach for in my closet time and again.

made from the same material used in most dance clothing,
rachel pally's designs allow for movement, versitility & comfort-
and do a tremendous job meshing simplicity with easeful glamour.

i am not sure what i like most about her spring 2011 collection-
the relaxed, unpretetious look of the dresses
or the floral headpiece worn by the model??

8 ♥ love notes.:

  1. these are so pretty! the colors are just perfect!

  2. these photos are so beautiful!! love the laid back, free flowing vibe to the outfits <3

  3. that orange dress is something!

  4. Those flowers remind me of your head pieces. :)

  5. Oh how pretty! I love the orange dress! So bright and fun! And what a great thrift store find! I also think the head pieces are beautiful!

  6. All of these dresses are so my style! Thanks for the introduction. {and I am in the mood to party. Going out tonight! woohoo! hopefully I won't feel like I did yesterday. haha} xo Samantha

  7. Oh gosh, I love that first orange dress with the tiered layers. It's so fun, and pretty much looks like it was just MEANT for twirling. 5 year old me would be so excited to wear that. Ok, fine - 24 year old me would be pretty damn excited too!


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