Friday, April 8, 2011

♥ one good thing leads to another.

this week's posts have taken an unforeseen domino-effect,
so i have decided to just go with it and post about the very talented artist
behind the documentary film, sembene! which i mentioned yesterday,
after seeing a post about it on jay-z's new blog, which i talked
about on tuesday. are you still with me?

anyway, edwina white is an australian-born artist whose work
has been exhibited in a number of countries and is represented by

whimsical and elusive, delicate and solitary, edwina's subjects are beautifully alone.
working in a number of mediums from illustration, to collage,
to stop-motion animation, edwina's work is careful and artful
and i cannot wait to see it in film form!

recently, edwina & her brooklyn apartment were featured on a blog,
(which is so rad, it really deserves it's own separate post as well)
an afternoon with... now, of course, i am not sure what
i love more: her art work or her work space?

3 ♥ love notes.:

  1. i love her artwork and i LOVE her place!!

  2. What a fabulous discovery. I love her work, ummm and her apartment is perfect, the kind of cluttered hodge-podge of modern I wish I could accomplish. Off to check out Jay-Z's new blog too. I can't keep up anymore....

  3. Oh my god, she has the Eames lounge! The Eames lounge!


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