Tuesday, April 12, 2011

♥ map maker, map maker, make me a map.

for those of you who are like me: geographically challenged,
i encourage you to befriend someone like my friend aaron,
who is the exact opposite.

i get lost and feel so helpless sometimes that i often think about how
much easier my life would be if i could have a driver to get me
everywhere i need to be or a gps system embedded somewhere
into my brain so that i could always know where was going-
but since i don't have that i will settle for the next best thing:
a very nice friend with an amazing knack for spacial planning,
a wonderful ability to draw in three dimension and the
time & patience to help out a friend in need.

i am trying to convince him to start an etsy shop--
but until then i am happy to be his one and only client.

just look at my wedding map:

love, love, love.

8 ♥ love notes.:

  1. Those are fantastic! He really should open a shop.

  2. holy crap!!! that wedding map is amazing! seriously, this guy really DOES need to open his own shop! i would seriously consider commissioning him for whenever i get married!

  3. What talent! I can't imagine doing such a thing, and I'm good with directions. It's just so tedious - I'm so impressed!

  4. so so pretty! fingers crossed. great, giveaway lady!

  5. I'm pretty good at directions, but LOVE maps. This is GREAT! It's art, I'd totally hang one framed on the wall.


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