Monday, April 25, 2011

♥ i'd rather have roses in my hair than diamonds on my neck.

last year, i was lucky enough to be a part of the fgi fashion panel,
where i connected with a number of local bloggers and fashion designers-
one of which was the fabulous jimmy guzman of jng floral designs.

a jack of all fashionable trades, this floral designer did not set out
to work with flowers initially, but rather decided to take a floral design
course while attending graduate school for tourism management at BU.
since then, he has worked on prokects designing floral dresses, couture
floral headpieces and wedding arrangements for special events.

claiming his "biggest inspiration is the world," jimmy likes to work
with a medium that "reflects life as it should be: calm, fulfilling, and holy."
working with unconventional materials such as stones, metals, flowers and
crystals, jimmy finds infinite possibilities to create an array of designs
with no limitations, no boundaries and endless amounts of
reverence to his clients.

giving new meaning to the term,"everything's coming up roses"-
i cannot wait to see what jimmy comes up with next.

6 ♥ love notes.:

  1. wow! talk about artistic expression...

  2. So inspiring! The headpieces are gorgeous.

    p.s thank you for your lovely comment x

  3. This is so incredible! My mom is really into floral design, but umm... nothing like this, obviously.

  4. love the flower headpieces :)


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