Thursday, February 18, 2010

♥ where the sidewalk ends.

i came across the work of janice jong on etsy
and fell in love instantly.

the familiar yet unfamiliar settings,
the delicious detailing and whimsical charm,
the juxtaposition between spindly black & white lines
and thick blocks of sherbet–colored sky,
all conspire to make artwork that not only dazzles the eye,
but opens the imagination to other worlds, cities and streetways
that have yet to be (or may never be) traversed

i had a chance to ask the artist about what inspired such fantastic dreamscapes,
and she said that while most of her work are of fictitious locations,
she is also a self proclaimed, "street wanderer" who takes her artistic cues
from real places that she has been to or interesting things she has seen.
she also is an avid graphic novel reader and miyazaki film lover.
her pieces are meant to convey a subtle hint of narrative and she
plans to someday illustrate a wordless picture book (yay!)

until then, you can check out her blog, drawing in the backroom,
and let your imagination do a little wandering.

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