Tuesday, February 16, 2010

♥ when in doubt, wear red.

my adorable grandmother and i.

not only was february 14th the official day of love,
but it was also the first official day of chinese new year,
which lasts for fifteen days, ending with a lantern festival.

some of the traditions include:
a new year's visit with the family to celebrate,
handing out small red envelopes of lucky money,
lighting incense, hanging lanterns and lucky symbols,
making offerings of desserts, oranges and meat,
and my personal favorite:
wearing new clothes for a new year–
especially red.

in the chinese culture, the color red is believed to
symbolize good luck, keeping evil spirits and bad fortune at bay.
i personally love to wear the color red and enjoy
any holiday that encourages me to wear more of it.

below, i have created a fabulous chinese new year–inspired look,
that i wish i could have worn to my family's new year celebration!
year of the tiger.

3 ♥ love notes.:

  1. Samantha, the necklace with the fortune cookie is awesome! You are forgetting the most important item: red underpants!

  2. how could i have forgotten the red underwear? by far, the most important part of chinese new year dressing! thanks for the reminder, chumulu!


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