Wednesday, February 3, 2010

♥ cherries.

it happened this month, in this country.

unexpectedly: nevertheless, all
came to pass as i tell it: day after day
the country brimmed over with cherries.

it was stubborn,
that masculine weather with its impudent
kiss of the pole: no one could foretell
the bounty i bore in the shadows
(dead metals, the bones of volcanoes)
(stillness so remote
they bandaged the eyes of the islands):
then, between boulders and rubble
that labyrinth diminishing little by little
till nothing could force its way forward but snow—
when without hint of its coming—
a breath from those honeycombs, bearing
the color a flag might search out of its folds.

and cherry by cherry, change was wrought in the world.

if anyone doubts this,
i say to all comers: look into
my will, at my heart's true transparency,
for though wind swept the summer away
i have cherries enough for all, hidden cherries.

pablo neruda

{images via we heart it.}

this is the poem that nick selected for the wedding.
isn't it beautiful?

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