Thursday, February 4, 2010

♥ weaving a tail.

with limited internet access during my vacation in el salvador,
i decided to sit back, relax, and enjoy one of my favorite past times:
reading books. real life books.

stricken with an all–consuming love for my blog these days,
i seem to have forgotten how nice it feels to hold a book in both hands,
and get lost in a story line folded neatly between dog–eared pages.

for the trip, i packed the appropriately named novel,
to the wedding by famous art critic & author, john berger.
as you can imagine, this book paints a very beautiful picture;
most notably when it comes to the description of how
the bride wore her hair:

"the thirty braids on her head, which bob up and down and gyrate as she walks,
have taken so much patience and time to plait that she proposes to
let gino only undo one a night after they are married.
each night they will choose which little lock."

of course, as soon as i read this i started day–dreaming
about the day my hair will be long enough to braid.
until that day, i can live vicariously through
the braided beauties in these fabulous photos:

the spring/summer 2010 hermes advertisement
featuring model karlie kloss and her scarf entwined braid
as a modern day rapunzel.

much like the bride in my book,
took their braids out right before show time for a free spirited look.

the sporty braids from

love nicole richie's bohemian braids.

love sienna miller's milkmaid braid.
{ here's a faboo how to }

my lil sister, jennie (middle), wears a mean boho braid ;)

i love these no muss no fuss braids

love this simple sideswept braid spotted on garance dore.

here's an example of braids gone bad.
these lizardesque horns from alexander mcqueen frighten me!

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  1. I have the picture of Nicole Richie saved on my computer, it's a fabulous hairstyle.


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