Friday, February 26, 2010

♥ the perks of being a wallflower.

{spotted on apartment therapy}

i am kinda in love with this fake flower "wallpaper"
brilliantly installed by front design in
tensta konsthall cafe in sweden.
it is such a sweet and simple concept that really gives
a plain white wall dimension and personality.

i have an empty wall in my apartment that i am seriously
considering turning into a faux flower trellis...
i wonder what my boyfriend would say?

could you imagine being greeted every dreary winter morning
with the sight of beautiful blooms that magically never wilt?
it would be like living in a secret garden!

..but if i had my choice, i think i would rather have a wall that resembled this
drop dead gorgeous flower installation by boston based multi-media artist,
sheila gallagher. entitled cumulonimbus, this cut flower installation
lived and flourished in the boston ICA from december 2006- march 2007,
staying fresh with the help of a built in irrigation system,
and constant flower re-arrangement.
i was lucky enough to see this vertical garden in real life
at the ICA opening party. it took everything in me to restrain
myself from lunging into it becoming a wallflower myself.

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