Wednesday, February 10, 2010

♥ god save the queens giveaway!

this week's giveaway is this fabulous
designed by one of my most fashionable friends,
mickey, & his friend, trish.

according to mick, the concept behind the brand really started out
as a conversation in an elevator to the 4th floor where both designers worked.
sharing a mutual fascination for anything french, historical & rock,
the two decided to collaborate over cigarettes and cocktails,
and this very wearable tee is their first love child!

the design duo's "god save the queens" logo is a little bit british flag
and a little bit of germanic script all rolled into one.
it is printed on a very soft organic cotton that feels as if
it's been in your wardrobe for years. and the graphite color
is one which fits seamlessly and easily with any look
you may have in your closet already.

the designers have created a "street" element to their website
where they will invite customers to post pictures of themselves
wearing their t-shirts, and even may hold a contest for the
person who styles it in the most visually interesting way.

stay tuned for more historically inspired pieces with
death letters from long deceased queens,
tote bags, tank dresses, and of course...
more tees!

here is a little word from the designer himself:

"4th flr believes that a t-shirt should not scream when it first comes into a room.
the subtle whit should only be appreciated when the wearer is approached.
so WARNING.. if you don't like to be talked to.. don't wear it!!
we believe that our t-shirts should be the most comfortable item of
clothing you own. it will take you from a night out..til you pass out..
and follow you right into the next night.

God Save the Queens pays homage to all queens...
past, present and future.
monarchy is alive and well.
long live the queens!!!"

please leave a comment below for your chance for the crown.
a winner will be chosen next wednesday.
good luck & God speed!!

12 ♥ love notes.:

  1. i'm in, super cool t-shirt.

  2. Cute shirt! Pick me please :)

  3. Oh my god i LOVE this. I will wear it with my new prized possession - my vita fascino wrap bracelet. I'm checking out the link for more great finds...

  4. love these two and love the shirt!

  5. Great looking tee-very unique!

    Elaine R

  6. Hi, I'm a new reader and adore your blog! Please put me in the running for this fab t-shirt. :)

  7. The word on the street is that these shirts are fabulous-- thanks for letting me know about them Sami! =)

  8. I love the quote! Save this Queen by picking her as the winner for the shirt! Tee hee! Plus, I'm a all for being comfortable and fashionable at the same time :)

  9. Mickey and I have some history together...remember that stROLL we took to the movies? Sami, I fully support God and I fully support queens so therefore...the tshirt belongs to me:)

  10. You had me at "death letters from long deceased queens". pick me!

  11. Love it! I think we know, I need this T Shirt - pick me :)


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