Monday, October 5, 2009

♥ the wolf is a carnivore incarnate,

and he is cunning and he is ferocious.
once he's had the taste of flesh, nothing else will do.
angela carter

i love this recent spread in the september issue of vogue,
starring fashion chameleon, natalia vodianova,
in yet another fairy tale feature
as a silver haired little red riding hood.

styled by the insanely talented
creative director at vogue, grace coddington,
{who was so interesting to see at work in the film, september issue!},
these images make me want to take out my copy of angela carter's
burning your boats, and her
re.worked and revised versions of little red riding hood
re.told in a manner that is both gothic and familiar.

it also reminds me of one of my favorite radiohead songs,
"a wolf at the door," which i have included for you, my lovelies,
to remind you to:
wear red as often as possible,
always pull your hood up,
and never answer the door to a fur covered stranger.

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