Tuesday, October 27, 2009

♥ art is only art when it is synonymous with living.

if any of you lovely readers knows anyone
who happens to own a time machine,
please let them know that i would
love, love, love
to go back in time to the '60's
not only to bear witness to
the beauty of women's fashion
but also to experience the
colorful, whimsical folk–inspired majesty
that is the work of architect/designer

renowned for his bold and playful textiles created
for modern furniture manufacturer, herman miller,
alexander girard also had a hand in designing
everything from menus to matchbooks for
manhattan restaurant, la fonda del sol,

and was instrumental in the redesign of
which included everything from the colors
and font at the end of the plane
to the lounges, sugar packets and stationery
and created a cohesive look that literally went
above and beyond.

since time travel doesn't appear to be
an option at the moment,
i am thankful that websites like
offer a wide variety charming art, textiles and objects
that will make any home a happy one.

here are a few must haves:

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