Tuesday, October 20, 2009

♥ living in your letters.

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in the hustle and bustle of everyday life
when i cannot find the extra time to
paint my nails or read a good book,
i feel a stirring in my soul to go back
to the age of english author, jane austen,
when there was absolutely nothing wrong with
spending an entire day in a sunlit drawing room,
sipping tea by the hearth with gentelman callers
or taking a moment. or two. or three.
to compose a well–written letter.

i might be alone on this one––
but there is nothing more delicious to me
than the smell and feel of crisp, new stationery.
the only thing is that letter writing has become
a thing of the past, a dying art that
has been rendered obsolete
with the development
and ease of the

thankfully, irene chen and matthew chenby
of the gorgeous website, iomoi,
have found a way to marry new technology with
the intimate and personal process of letter writing by
offering a membership for e–stationery,
so delectable and so affordable that
it will have you reaching out to
those loved ones and
long forgotten penpals
in no time.

with an ever–changing selection of
stationery templates and fonts,
you can make your e–letter uniquely yours,
and with the capacity to send your email
at the click of a button,
you can ensure that your letter
will never carry yesterday's news.
love all of them:

or maybe you are of the jane austen ilk,
still writing old fashioned letters,
keeping lists of your next dancer partners,
and need only to update your
iomoi has got you covered!

here are some of my faves:

3 ♥ love notes.:

  1. sami! i am SO with you! i wish we could go back to the days of jane austen too. sadness. i love your blog!!

  2. such a great idea! i enjoy your posts so much.

  3. thanks ladies, i really think it is important to stay in touch with people and what a cool way to do it!


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