Sunday, October 4, 2009

♥ trick or treat.

the other day, my girlfriends and i were discussing
our plans for halloween and our costumes
and i realized
– to my horror–
that i do not have any idea
what i want to dress up as this year!

luckily, the designers from fashion week in paris
have provided a bevy of BOO.tiful looks
that will serve as spooky yet stylish inspiration
for this wickedly wonderful holiday.

vivienne westwood's latest spring collection
of flaming hair mavens and smoldering hot looks
give new meaning to the words, "burning sensation."

these lizard/ looks from the spring 2010 collection of
gareth pugh are at once fascinating and frightening.
i wouldn't want to run into these creatures in a dark cave somewhere!

this junya wantanbe spring collection is
chock full of looks that
could only be described as

if you're short on time and creativity,
maybe just go out into your backyard, gather up
some branches and leaves and fasten them to your head
à la bernhard wilhelm's spring 2010 show.

to achieve the style of yohji yamamoto's ghouls
(i mean.. girls)
all you must do is spray your hair gray, tease it up,
white your face out, and apply cobalt blue eye makeup
to your lids using a heavy hand.

these looks from the tao spring collection
literally make one's hair stand on end.
i hear that egg whites, glue or gelatin may be used in the hair to
create the spiked ponytail's mohawk effect!

if you should decide to take a page out of viktor & rolf's book
simply take a buzz saw to your favorite old prom gowns to create a
look that is both butchered and beautiful.

the spring collection of comme de garçons shows us what
it sounds like when clowns cry.
hideous in a way that should only be appropriate on halloween.

the designer who takes the cake for spookiest
most jaw dropping looks for halloween is
the inimitable alexander mcqueen
whose fall 2009 collection is like a funhouse mirror explosion of
oversized houndstooth, wax lips, bird cages and umbrella hats that
will have you wishing it could be halloween every day!

(i cannot wait to see what he has in store for spring 2010 this tuesday!,
which may be incidentally be what i have in store for halloween this season...)

3 ♥ love notes.:

  1. these are all really amazing. i love the v&r. thanks for sharing.

  2. btw - my friend at lechicbatik blogged about v&r ... think you should check it out!

  3. hey mr. jeffrey!
    thanks for the extra tulle tools :) your friend has some fabulous photos of the v & r show! wish i could have seen it all that close up!
    xo sami


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