Thursday, October 29, 2009

♥ gotta love that afro hairdo.

ever since i saw this collection,
i can't get afros out of my head.
i was very tempted to wear one for halloween,
but at the risk of looking like a circassian woman,
i decided against it.

in the early 19th century,
circassian women were believed to be
the purest form of white beauty.
their images would appear on makeup ads and
they would sell like hot cakes.
legend has it that they were victims of sexual enslavement
and that they escaped their harem life in turkey
to live free in america.

p.t barnum took this myth and gave it life
producing his very own versian of circassian beauty,
{one which he took complete liberty to fabricate}
these sideshow women were known also as "moss haired girls"
who would tease their hair into afro like puffs,
and hold it in place using beer of all products!
when their exotic oriental look lost its luster,
these women turned to snake charming
and sword swallowing.

on second thought,
maybe i should be one of them for halloween!

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  1. gotta love that afro hairdo
    the part of ''put your records on"


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