Wednesday, October 28, 2009

♥ those who do not want to imitate anything produce nothing.

my boyfriend and i watch alot of movies. ALOT.
so what better way to spend a drizzly wednesday evening
than cozied up with my boy, a bottle of wine and
brand new woody allen comedy,

i can't say more wonderful things about this witty little comedy,
it is charming and heart warming and very well cast.
in typical woody allen fashion, the characters are
self deprecating, hilarious and brilliant,
and (as films like annie hall (1977) and
rife with personal style.

i was smitten with the stylish looks worn by the
overly religious, overprotective southern belle–
turned threesome–loving artist, marietta,
played by the exquisite actress, patricia clarkson.

in nina garcia's fashion tome,
the little black book of style, the fashion editor asserts;
"there are countless scenes throughout the history of film,
scenes that stick in our minds and inspire us to emulate these women,
or their style at least."

i wholeheartedly concur.
here are a few shots from the film that better illustrate my point:

southern belle:
city gal:

my favorite part of the whole bohemian/artist look
is the perfectly wrapped head scarf.

it reminds me of a few of my other favorite
headscarf moments on film:

and of course, no one can wear a trend better than

want to look as cute as j.lo in your head scarf?
here are some cute instructions to try for yourself,

and remember,
"when imitation goes over big,
it isn't an imitation.
it's a trend."

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