Monday, October 19, 2009

♥ shopping is my cardio.

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it all started on a hot summer day in kindergarten.
my classmates and i were taken outside into
the fresh air to enjoy a "fun" game of t–ball.
i make it up to the plate in my little sun dress.
the ball is poised on the T stand, waiting to be hit.
i swing and miss. repeatedly.

i can feel the teacher's eyes on me,
i can hear the kids in the field anxious for action.
and all i can do is hold back the tears of frustration as
i slowly realize just how much i truly hate playing sports.

it was then and there that i made the solemn vow to myself
that i would avoid playing sports at all costs,
in order to spare myself the public humiliation
of having to compete in a game that
i knew i could never win.

i have to admit, i have done a pretty good job of
'dodging' the sports issue all my life.
while my brother and sisters were off playing ball,
i was on stage or painting my nails.
i have never been a part of an actual team,
i have never had to run more than a mile,
or do a set of push ups or pull ups on someone else's time.
i have never had to wear cleats or pads or face paint,
or have a group of people counting on me to score a point,
and i have never wanted to –
until now.

the spring 2010 collections from alexander wang
and hermès have got me wanting to suit up, shut up,
strap on my pads and just do it!

in the spring hermès collection, john paul gaultier
re.worked tennis gear, sweatbands, fingerless gloves,
and gym bags like a champ. love, love, LOVE!

after recently working with american classics at the gap,
alexander wang scored a touchdown with an
all.american football inspired spring collection.

if sports accessories were really this cute,
i would have signed up years ago!
i guess it's never too late to get in the game!

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  1. haha, with this title, i couldn't help stopping by! love your picks from fashion week - especially that little lavender tennis set from hermes :)


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