Monday, October 8, 2012

♥ there aren't enough days in the weekend.

at times, a jam-packed weekend is more of a burden than a blessing,
but not when it includes the annual chu-family apple picking extravaganza and 
an all-day shopping trip to the wrentham village premium outlets with some 
of your favorite blog friends.  here are some of my favorite snaps from both:


our traditional apple-picking trip was made even sweeter by the addition of my
sweet little niece, giada, who was quiet and wide-eyed as she took in the
vast landscape and quickly learned the art of picking the best apples.

equally as fruitful, was my trip with kristen & lei ann to the wrentham village outlets,
where we arrived in style and were given a brief behind the scenes chat with their 
lovely marketing director, susan. did you know that wrentham houses 170+
outlet stores and that they offer a bus service from boston for those who
don't want to make the drive out there? fieldtrip, anyone??

there is no better way to spend a soggy sunday than in the company
of some funny ladies who have a shared appreciation
 for fashion & blogging.

4 ♥ love notes.:

  1. Oh my goodness that little baby face is just KILLING me! And I need to get myself to Wrentham ASAP. I need some deals!

  2. The baby is precious! and I LOVE the wrentham outlets! :)

  3. What a fun Sunday with you ladies! I think we need to take the bus down and do it again :)

  4. Aww... so sad I missed Wrentham! Stupid out of town weddings! And thanks for sharing your beautiful apple-picking photos. Giada is too adorable.


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