Friday, October 19, 2012

♥ i heart lisa frank.

when my cousin texted me to let me know that 'vintage' lisa frank will now be carried
at urban outfitters, i nearly passed out with ecstatic rainbow glee- and after watching this video,
 with her mysterious visage hidden in shadow, i became even more intrigued.

some girls don't know who lisa frank is. they confuse her name with anne frank
or paul frank, but to me, she is a staple of every back to school supply or piece of stationery
that i ever bought in elementary school.

i wrote my first cat stories within her notebooks, and feverishly traded her stickers
 on the playground at school. and i am convinced that at the ripe old age of six,
 i loved my very first trapper keeper (behind me!) a tiny bit more than my
baby sister and brother combined. ( i mean, look at those colors and 
 the size of that ice cream cone! perfection.)

(images  via refinery 29)

2 ♥ love notes.:

  1. Ah, this is bringing back some memories!!!

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  2. hahaha...way to call me out! you mentioned lisa frank once, just *once* & now i'm totally inundated on the internet with it. you cursed me!!!


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