Friday, September 7, 2012

♥ statement jewelry.

the other night, i watched that night in rio (1941),
and i must say that carmen miranda's chunky, layered necklaces
& stacks of  bracelets definitely stole the show.

best known for her tottering fruit headpieces, turbans. and fruit jewelry,
this portuguese born-brazilian singer/actress was one of the highest paid female
performers in her day. she also played some of the most stereotypical characters, 
which left her feeling resentful & too much like a caricature at the end of her career. 

nevertheless, she still is a magnificent artist, with a knack for wearing just the 
right amount of jewelry & clothing as colorful as her personality.

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2 ♥ love notes.:

  1. This reminds me that I need to watch an old movie. My bf is away this weekend, so tonight is a great opportunity. I love classics and it's just been way too long since I've enjoyed one!

  2. Clair, that is one of my favorite things to do when my boyfriend is away. He doesn't appreciate old cinema as much as I do. There was so much character in these types of movies. The best part when you can tell some of the production design lacked quality control, like when you see a tear in the backdrop or an out of place light.

    Imagine if you walked into a store with all of that glamorous jewelry around your neck. I would love to see the looks on people's faces as get in line to buy my groceries. It looks like I am going Shopping in Tampa FL for some Latin inspired jewelry. I can't wait till I go next month, it's going to be great! Thanks for sharing this wonderful time in cinema.


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