Wednesday, September 19, 2012

♥ music to my ears.

nick and i have been starved lately for some really good music-
we just haven't fallen head over heels (or ears!) in love with anything
in so long, that i have sort of given up hope and started listening
to my old cd collection from the early 2000's. (think: nsync),
while he has fallen for the pop music he hears on the radio
continuously at work (think: karmin).

image via google. such a handsome band!
so, you can imagine my happiness when i heard that one of our favorite
bands, grizzly bear, just released a brand new album, shields, (yesterday!)
 and is coming to play in boston at the orpheum this very weekend.

ps.and guess who's husband nicely bought tickets for the show? ♥ this gal. 

pps. listen to their first track, sleeping ute. you will LOVE!

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