Monday, September 3, 2012

♥ she wears it well.

while back in the day i used to experiment with all sorts of eye shadow colors-
these days, i have found that in my go-to eye makeup look has become a 
simple combination of neutral shadow + black cat eyeliner.  

so, when i was offered the chance to test out anastasia's latest palette of 
neutral tones, sweetly named, she wears it well- i jumped at the chance! 

comparable to my favorite palette, urban decay's naked 1 2,  only a bit more compact,
this one offers an array of frosted/matte neutrals tones that look good every day and night.

BUT the twist is that you can wet any of the darker colors, such as onyx or toffee and
 use them with a slanted brush as an eyeliner- which is magnificent, in my book.

the palette comes with a pack of playing cards with DIY instructions on the back.
i am not big on using these because a) i don't look like any of these ladies-

and b) i like doing my own makeup. but for those who are a little
more clueless about makeup, these are definitely helpful.

 this product will only be on shelves at sephora for another few weeks-
before it is replaced by a fall palette- so get out there and wear it well!

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