Tuesday, September 25, 2012

♥ she always had the feeling that it was very,very dangerous to live even one day.

the 300 year-old farmhouse of artists portia munson & jared handelsman was recently featured
 in  new york times, and of the numerous photos shared of their live-in museum, i must admit 
that the most interesting are not of their home at all-- but rather the larger than life
 flower mandalas created by miss munson herself.

after the death of her great aunt in 2002, portia was inspired to do something that would 
celebrate & elongate the short life of another living thing- the garden flower.

 she decided to create mandalas: continuous rings of flowers, insects, leaves, 
and occasionally dead animals freshly plucked from her garden and
 artfully arranged on a digital scanner for photographic perfection.

"every flower mandala is unique to a moment in time,
 represents what is in bloom on the day i made it."

and a bit tempted to go into my mother in law's garden
and see what i can come up with. 

images via google.

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