Monday, September 24, 2012

♥ celebrate we will.

 this weekend, nick and i returned to the red lion innwhere we
 spent a lovely late-anniversary afternoon toasting champagne, 
tasting their new menu, and lounging in a quiet hotel 
room without the hustle and bustle of 
a wedding day to prepare for. 

we both wish that we could get married here every year--
but in the very least, we can make it a point to visit more
 often for anniversaries & other special occasions.
 (my birthday this year is on 12.12.12, hint hint hint ;)

i decided to break out my brand new 50's style dress, that i received
 care of the lovely e-shop, eshakti (see a similar version in cobalt!)

i am totally obsessed with the cut of this dress- it reminds me of
the vintage frocks i often wear and then complain,
"they don't make 'em like this anymore." 

so, the next time i say it, please tell me to shut up and site this post as a reference.

we also stepped away for a bit to go to the grizzly bear show, 
which was too incredible for words. listening to their music is one thing-
but for someone with an untrained ear- seeing them in concert adds a
whole new element to the experience. there really is nothing like
listening to your favorite music with your favorite person.

or the whole rest of your life, for that matter. 

3 ♥ love notes.:

  1. Aww... happy anniversary, sweetie!

  2. AW! That sounds like it was so nice! What a sweet way to celebrate!
    Happy Anniversary!


  3. What an amazing way to celebrate your anniversary! And that dress looks like it was made for you! Stunning.


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