Thursday, February 9, 2012

♥ your kiss is on my list.

tonight i attended the boston bloggers february meet +greet where
i mingled with bloggers i know in real life and those i have only met online!

since valentine's day is just around the corner, i decided to share a little love with
 this kiss-covered blouse from forever 21 which i paired with some high-waisted trousers. 
i feel a bit like i stepped off the set of tootsie (1982) in this outfit. 

here's why:

blouses galore.

if you have not seen this film--i urge you to rent it asap.
the ugly fashion will inspire you.

8 ♥ love notes.:

  1. This is making me all kinds of happy.

  2. So fabulous meeting you last night! And be assured, you looked WAY cuter than Tootsie!

  3. ADORE the shirt! I have a funny feeling that if I wore it, though, I couldn't help but go around with puckered lips all night, haha. :) :)

    Also, so awesome finally meeting you the other night at the Boston Bloggers event! I'm definitely setting up a whole bunch of different test shoots during the next several weeks, so if you're still interested in modeling for me definitely drop me a line! ( I think I also mentioned the collaboration I have in the works with Milica? (from I'll be looking for fashion bloggers who want to help style/model outfits to go along with her amazing hats and fascinators, if you're interested. Should be an awesome project!


  4. No, F21? Really? I swore Marc Jacobs when first saw this. You are killing it per usual. Sad to have missed the blogger event. I wanted to spare everyone from the head cold from hell I battled. Hope to see you soon!

  5. It was great finally meeting you, dear! Love this pretty blouse.


  6. love your shirt.


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