Monday, February 27, 2012

♥ DEAR time.

via pinterest, naturally.

since switching careers, i have traded an hour of train riding for a fifteen minute
 commute by car- which has been a wonderful thing except for the fact that
 i now miss out on a daily period of time where i have nothing
 better to do but read and read and read some more. 

while i do have plenty of extra time now- i have found it increasingly harder to
sit down with a book and not be tempted to open my lap top and get lost
 in blogland, or turn on netflix and watch film after ever-streaming film.

earlier this year i set a goal to read at least 40 books - and with 4 under my belt,
40 is looking very far away. does anyone have any suggestions on how to
make DEAR time actually happen??

ps. have you watched miranda july's "handy tip for the easily distracted"

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  1. Girl I know exactly what you mean. The Internet is addictive. I like to read before bed, it helps me fall asleep.

  2. I don't know what I would do if I lost my subway commute! It's a pain in the butt most days, but at least it gives me reading time (unless it's too crowded to breathe, never mind hold a book...which happens too often). I have made a conscious effort lately to do more reading at home though. I find that setting goals for myself (such as, I want to finish this book by next Friday so I need to read x amount of pages every day) helps, and so does belonging to a book club. I've also found that reading a book at the same time as a friend is a good motivator so you can discuss (I'm reading Freedom with a friend now). If that fails, turn OFF your computer and your tv an hour before bed, climb under the covers, and turn on the reading light! Good luck!

    1. turn off my computer? is that possible? i just finished a book- i need to make a conscious effort to open the books and close the lap top!



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