Wednesday, February 15, 2012

♥ hello, dolly!

i am not sure about you-but i played barbie up until an embarrassingly old age of almost 13.
 i could definitely blame this on the fact that i have younger sisters-
but in reality, i loved it. 
to me, the most enjoyable part of playing with barbie dolls was inventing items that mattel
didn't offer (yet!): baby clothes, credit cards, barbie-sized cheese burgers, christmas trees,
nail polish, etc.. my sisters and cousins and i actually came up with a very impressive list
which we mailed in, thinking we would be asked to become part of the barbie thinktank-
but were thanked with only a handful of coupons and some crushed egos. 

more impressively, former fashion designer for betsey johnson/anna sui & heatherette,
pamela thompson has designed something my girls and i never considered:
 vintage/repurposed clothing for barbie and her friends!

her tinyfrockshop is extremely well-styled, well-priced and well--just plain fabulous.
anyone up for playing dolls tonight after work???

(spotted on trendland)

ps. my favorite part is the model bio section & the photographer credit is ken.

2 ♥ love notes.:

  1. Ha! My barbies were lame compared to these sassy chicas! So cute and I probably would've just been jealous if they were wearing cuter clothes than me. hehehe.

    1. i am totally jealous of these vintage looks!



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