Monday, February 13, 2012

♥ carpe diem.

to celebrate my first totally free weekend since our wedding, 
nick came up with a brilliant idea: to get out of town and 
spend an evening in a beautiful bed & breakfast.

on a whim, he chose  the hawthorn inna charming b&b in camden, maine, 
which serendipitously turned out to be everything we could have asked for- 
quaint rooms, well-read/well-cultured innkeepers, vegetarian dining &
lots of tea, coffee, books and art all beneath a delicate coating 
of freshly fallen snow.

we walked to town and i made the fatal mistake of forgetting
to pack any sort of all-weather boots. hence, the bee galoshes, which
i bought while i was there. stupid mistake- but a cute one, at least.

coincidentally, this is also the weekend of the national toboggan championships,
which we neglected to partake in- but did happen to get a lovely fireworks show
from right outside our window that evening.

as we woke up to a gorgeous sunrise and a delicious breakfast,
we both agreed that it was such a great idea to break from the norm,
sieze the day, and make the most out of a mini-adventure.

5 ♥ love notes.:

  1. The trip looks amazing, such a stunning location <3

  2. How fun! I love B&Bs! I try to stay in them as often as I can - my husband and I love how it's more personal and intimate, and how the money is going to a real family. It puts food on their table and their kids through school. I love that!

    1. it really was such a wonderful experience. we definitely look forward to doing it again soon!

  3. It looks like you had a great weekend!


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