Thursday, February 2, 2012

♥ "i think that somehow, we learn who we really are, and then live with that decision. " ~ eleanor roosevelt

via volume 25

for as long as i can remember, i have been asking myself variations on the
same question: what do i want to be when i grow up? 

to some people, this is a simple question with an easy answer-
but for others, like myself, an answer does not come easily- which leads to
feelings of dissatisfaction and despair because unlike most things in life,
which are meant to be shared, your career is something personal, 
something you choose for yourself,
 that no one can do for you,
 but you.

so you may feel like you are a lonesome puzzle piece wandering around
 without a puzzle to belong to. you may try to fit places that just don't feel right
or try to force yourself into a picture that may look right but feels unnatural,
but just keep trying. and stay true to who you are. even if you don't
know what you're meant to do or be- your soul knows,
and if you go with that, you can never go wrong.

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  1. knowing what will make us happy and doing it will give us the contentment, completion and true meaning of our existence... we may not actually realize what we are meant to be or to do in this life but deep in our heart, we know the answers to those questions and only WE can discover it by knowing our genuine happiness.... love love love your blog!!!! very interesting and intellectual... am so following you now... hope you could visit my blog too.. kissess!!!

  2. hey sami! just felt compelled to comment as i can identify very much with what you wrote. and as each day/week/month passes i get more and more panicked that i'm "running out of time." who know where we'll end up but i guess it's just important to keep trying.

  3. Great post! I always feel like I don't know what I want to do and years past by and I am undecided. But you are totally right, you are the only person who can chose what you want to do with yourself!

  4. thank you ladies for your honest comments. don't worry- there is still time to become who we are meant to be.


  5. Lovely!



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