Friday, February 17, 2012

♥ i can resist everything except temptation.

now that i am a married lady with a pregnant sister whose about to pop,
the questions have started to persist about when nick and i are going 
to start a family of our own. the answer is.. not just yet. ha!

but if anything were to tempt me to throwing my birth control 
to the wayside, it would be this: DVF for gap kids.

i mean, this little girl even looks like my future babyyyy!!!!

source: scoop charlotte

in stores march 15th.

6 ♥ love notes.:

  1. I don't have kinds but I have to agree that clothes are totally cute!!


  2. You are kidding me?! DVF for gap kids?! Sigh...its going to be amazing.
    P.S. Go for it- have cute babies!! ;)

  3. What?! DVF is doing a Gap Kids line? I need to find some babies to buy this stuff for! Wouldn't it be nice if an adult line were next?

    1. if she did an adult line, i would seriously have a heart attack!


  4. Too cute! I may not have any desire to be a mother, but I can't deny the charm of itty bitty sized clothing, especially when it's from someone as fabulous as Diane!


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