Tuesday, March 29, 2011

♥ shut the door, not that it lets in the cold but that it lets out the coziness.

"the richness, the comfort of this apartment in an
unfashionable neighborhood. it was in an old building,
an apartment lovely as a park, like a beautiful volume
found among the stacks in a second-hand bookstore."
james salter, light years

today i am wishing i were snuggled up in one of
these cozy, haphazardly beautiful nooks featured

nick and i often refer to our apartment as a "cove" because it
is one straight shot from living room, to kitchen, to bedroom and
is basically a studio with doors that can be pulled across to provide privacy
and warmth. despite the impossibly tiny layout, we manage to fit all of our
important furniture, a ton of plants, and a kitty cat quite comfortably.
we love our little nook, and the quote above, from one of my favorite books,
is on our refridgerator as a reminder that sometimes good things
really do come in small packages.

7 ♥ love notes.:

  1. You know, I hated the layout and crappy floors in my old apartment but now that I'm in a big house, I miss the charm it had because it was so small. Oh, and I am desperate for a nice dress form!

  2. Anthropologie always makes me long for more money so I can have exactly what they have. And small spaces are much more cozy than larger ones. The apartment I'm in now feels a smidge too big for just the boyfriend and me, so we're looking to downsize and move closer to the city. I want that cozy, nest feel :)

  3. your place sounds like my place :) wonderful photos <3

  4. i love love love that quote, and love those pictures. now i can't wait to read that book :)

  5. I am constantly tearing pages our of Anthro's catalogues. Source of endless design, photographic and clothing inspiration. I long to live in a shabby chic world decorated by them....

  6. oh wow i love james salter. his prose is as beautiful as this gorgeous post...

  7. Why are anthropologie's fake apartments so amazing? They always make me feel hopeless about my own place.


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