Wednesday, March 16, 2011

♥ to japan with love.

call it a coincidence, but my friend amie recently told me about the magical
significance behind folding 1,001 paper cranes. (which you can read about here.)
according to japanese tradition, these origami birds are folded en masse
for the purpose of granting a wish of long life and prosperity to the
person who folds them.

1,001 paper cranes are often made for weddings, baby showers,
and to this day serve as a true symbol of world peace.
this week online store, this paper ship is offering two gorgeous
posters, which represent the beauty and dear wish of hope
for the devastated country- with 90% of the proceeds
going toward the american red cross.

in the light of so much tragedy, it is amazing to see so many
artists donating their time and money to such an important cause.

7 ♥ love notes.:

  1. wow, these prints are amazing! i love the japan inside the cherry blossom heart one! so awesome that people are donating their art for such a good cause :)

  2. How lovely are these prints - wow!
    Amazing cause - brilliant:)
    A xx

  3. These are really beautiful. Thanks for sharing, Sami!

  4. These are amazing prints, I am praying for Japan right now. The new developments of the Nuclear clouds are so frightening

  5. Breathtakingly beautiful! I love this post! I am also in awe of all of the artists creating and donating in love for Japan. My heart aches from all the images of devastation. xo Samantha

  6. wow, this is gorgeous. i have always loved paper cranes.

  7. Wow. Really gorgeous prints - thanks for introducing me to their shop.


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